Hila Dahan

Founder, Principal Analyst. 

Mother of 2 awesome boys, analytics hustler, and master negotiator. Founding Partner at 33 Sticks. She also likes no. 2 pencils.

A storyteller at heart, she brings with her 10 years of optimization and digital experimentation experience, to help provide business recommendations to some of the most recognizable brands.

Hila drives analysis and insights for our Clients.

Jason Thompson

Founder, Principal Data Architect.

A father, chef, bass player, and creator of amazing experiences. Founding Partner at 33 Sticks. He can also eat large amounts of sushi.

As an analytics and optimization expert, he brings over 12 years of experience, going back to being part of the original team at Omniture.

Jason typically plays the data architect role for our Clients.

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