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 33 Sticks is an analytics boutique, founded by industry veterans Hila Dahan and Jason Thompson. Our goal is to partner with our clients in order to provide strategic analytics services so that our clients can focus on what they do best.

We routinely advise Fortune 500 companies, startups, investors, and agencies to help them make informed decisions, drive increased value, and maximize profits.

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Transforming Business Through Data Visualization

“At Dixons Carphone, we relied on 33 Sticks immersive approach to analytics problems. This thoroughly identified what data was needed, how to use the API from a development perspective, and the actual API calls to use when calling the data. Having this dashboard gave senior leaders confidence to make decisions based on data not rhetoric.”

Eric Bernhard, Insights Manager, Dixons Carphone

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The folks at 33 Sticks bring a plethora of benefits to the analytics table. We had the pleasure of working with Hila and Jason in an environment where demand for insights was very high but internal bandwidth was low. Jason and Hila were able to bring a depth of experience unmatched in many other analytics consultancies.

Angie Bledsoe

Digital Analytics Manager, Hallmark

33 Sticks really helped us visualize and understand our analytics, making it easier for us to make big decisions on when to ask our users to upgrade from a free to a premium account.

Lexi Bellassai

Marketing VP, FIT Radio

It was great to work with 33 Sticks. We have extremely high standards for the software we build, and working with 33 Sticks enabled us to accelerate our pace of development while adhering to high standards in a very timely, frictionless manner. They helped us at every turn and provided incredibly solid advice, enabling us to move quickly and build an excellent product. Michael Richardson

Sr. Director, Data Projects, Urban Airship

What We Offer

33 Sticks is a a small and flexible analytics boutique providing high quality business advisory services, insights, and execution.

Our strengths are in partnering with our clients to provide strategic analytics services. We offer these services in a very flexible model that allows our clients to choose the engagement style that works best for them and their business needs. We offer short term projects which typically last between 3-6 months as well as long-term monthly retainers that provide our clients with a highly flexible engagement model.

Regardless if we are serving as a strategic extension of an existing analytics practice or playing the role of Analytics VP, we bring a passion and a desire to create amazing value for our clients that is unmatched in the industry.

With the launch of 33 Sticks, we set out to create something unique and special. We weren’t interested to be in the game of selling hours of our time, but rather we are offering high value and high quality results to clients.

We are really excited about this part of our business, as we believe that our client’s interests lie in solving problems and generating greater revenue, so we shouldn’t force them into making a buy decision every time they pick up the phone or compose an email. With this model, our clients become true partners, as they collaborate with us to solve real business problems.

While most agencies focus on billable hours and employee utilization rates, our focus is much, much different. Our focus in on our Clients. Because we aren’t handcuffed to weekly billable hours goals, we have the time and flexibility to truly invest in our clients, immerse ourselves in their products and services, and become part of their DNA.

We often become customers of our Clients, routinely using their products and benefiting from their services. While this may seem like a simple thing, we believe that by truly investing in our Clients, not just investing in completing a list of tasks, that we can form meaningful and long-term relationships that result in creating something much greater than the sum of the parts.

Analysis & Insights

Our analysis services run the spectrum from KPI Workshops to Data Visualization to Deep-Dive Analysis

Analytics Implementation

We focus on providing our clients with the most robust and reliable analytics foundation available in the industry

Optimization Strategy

We don’t do conversion rate optimization, we dive in deep to really understand your business and design optimization plans to maximize your bottomline

Our Process

Engage & Learn

Learning everything we can about our clients, their challenges, and their desire intelligently use data, is a hallmark of our company. We start all of our engagements with an in-depth investigation which often includes interviews with key stakeholders, immersing ourselves in our Client’s data, and putting ourselves in shoes of our Client’s customers.

Set Goals

While most agencies are interested in quickly checking items off of a task list so they can get out and move on to their next project, our desire is to create meaningful, and long-term, relationships by setting measurable goals for all of our projects. We will work closely with your organization to set clear goals that we will then use to measure the success of our engagements.

Insights & Recommendations

Most business strategists are good at talking the talk but we are also good at walking the walk. Not only do many top brands and emerging startups look to use to provide data-driven business strategy, they also look to use to execute. During this phase of our projects, we provide meaningful, data based, insights, recommendations, and execution for increasing key performance metrics and profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that bringing in outside analytics expertise can often be a challenging, and sometimes scary, process. We often hear companies worry about ‘Are we hiring the right experts?’, ‘How will we know if these guys are as good as they say they are?’, and ‘What am I actually going to get for my money?’.

Our goal is to make sure that our Clients are comfortable with what they are buying and that we are a good fit for the services they are looking to purchase. We have, once or twice, sent a prospect to a competitor because it was what was best for them given their unique circumstances.

Our team will work closely with you to make sure you know what you are getting before any contracts are signed or invoices sent.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with many different types of clients from large media agencies to global retailers to emerging startups. Our background and experience gives us the opportunity to provide our high-value services across industries.

We have recently worked with agencies such as Creature, Ensighten, and KISSmetrics. Brands of all sizes seek out our expertise like Cost Plus, Hallmark, Whalerock Media, and YP. Startups like Crowdfunder, Key Location, and FIT Radio, routinely come to us looking to gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

How do you bill for your services?

Unlike most consulting agencies, we NEVER bill by the hour. We strongly believe that the billable hour consulting model is archaic and unfair to our client’s best interests.

All of our engagements are either billed using Project Based or Retainer Based pricing. You will always know the cost of our services upfront, there will never be any surprise monthly invoices.

What technologies do you have expertise in?

We are comfortable finding our way around our Client’s analytics ecosystems, regardless of the technologies that they deploy but we do have deep expertise in many of the industry leading platforms such as:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Target
  • Google Analytics Standard & Premium
  • Optimizely
  • KISSmetrics
  • And many, many more

I don’t know anyone with more enthusiasm for analysis than Hila. Her analytical mind is always working on something related to optimizing or improving web sites in some way with data to back it up. Michael Sanders

Product Manager, BambooHR

Jason is going to open your eyes about the website that you thought you knew. And once you get started, you’ll realize that using the tools that Jason is the master of, you can get answers to questions that you didn’t even realize you could ask. D. Archibald Smart

Partner, Qorvis Communications

Got Data? Hila brings amazing energy and expertise to the business of Data Science.She moves easily between business and technical worlds, and drives value for companies with a high level of personal and data integrity. Jesse Weissman

Manager of Web Analytics, Staples

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