UserTesting: An Analyst’s Secret Weapon

While UserTesting is an amazing tool for, well, user testing, it is also an extremely valuable tool for analysts. At 33 Sticks, we routinely include UserTesting videos as part of the insights and recommendations we deliver to our clients.

We have found that by including the voice of potential customers, struggling with usability issues we have been tasked with analyzing, we are able to help our clients properly visualize the impact of the insights we are presenting to them.

If a screen shot and rock solid data analysis is good, then a narrated video and rock solid data analysis is even better.


We recently worked with a large retail client to understand the impact and potential revenue loss that occurs when an item is out-of-stock. For the particular product line we were analyzing, when a product becomes unavailable, the purchasing options are removed from the product detail page, as show in the example above. The problem is then compounded with the 50% offer messaging still being clear and present and also the offer to buy “in-store” with no related call-to-action.

The data was very compelling, related screenshots helped the client visualize the problem, and the UserTesting video helped everyone empathize with the customer.

Our primary purpose for including UserTesting in our final presentation was to make the problem as real as possible for our clients but there were secondary benefits that were just as valuable.

Even seasoned analysts can get buried in the weeds and miss gems that are sitting right on the surface. With this analysis, the videos from UserTesting helped us identify several new optimization opportunities focused on reducing consumer anxiety and friction points as well as driving incremental sales that had previously gone unnoticed.

If you are new to UserTesting, the platform allows you to execute user testing, remotely, for your site, your competitor’s site, or your app. You define the script you’d like your testers to follow, as well as the segment (age, gender, location, technical apptitude, etc.) of your testing population, and UserTesting does the rest. They work with their network of testers, assign the tasks, the videos are produced, and then they appear in your account to consume. The video above is just a sample of a 10-minute video we received that went in-depth into 4 different tasks we asked the testers to complete.
DISCLOSURE: 33 Sticks does not have a partnership agreement with UserTesting, we are just big fans!