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At 33 Sticks, we have developed a framework that aligns with a startup’s product maturity path. The framework contains key components in which we have expertise and can be plugged into the process at any point where needed. This approach allows us to act as strategic analytics partners, allowing startups to focus on building products.

Performance Metrics

This component is a strategic planning phase in which we help startups evaluate which metrics are critical to monitor, measure, and analyze. Most companies capture a tremendous amount of data but very few know how to focus on the metrics that are truly actionable.

Product Analytics

This component is focused on defining the metrics that are important for tracking the usage of your product. This includes crafting an analysis plan for gaining insights into the product and building an instrumentation plan for implementing proper tracking.

Positioning for Funding

Here we focus on building a clear strategy to track product adoption (with the goal of forecasting the speed of user adoption), product usage (understanding the user experience and making recommendations for optimizing the UX), initial impact of alpha and/or beta clients, evaluate market share growth, and evaluate preliminary LTV and potential revenue yield projections. All of this analysis is focused on providing critical information that can be used in discussions with potential investors.

Measurement of Product Results

In this component, we craft an analytics strategy for tracking how much value the product drives for the user. This would take the form of analysis, insights, and data visualization. Not only will it help provide critical insights into how the product and business are performing but will provide a visualization layer that will help you make decisions and adjustments over time.

33 Sticks really helped us visualize and understand our analytics, making it easier for us to make big decisions on when to ask our users to upgrade from a free to a premium account. Lexi Bellassai

VP of Marketing, FIT Radio

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