The Business Case for Deploying a Data Layer

As tag management systems (TMS) have become more ubiquitous, analytics and marketing managers have had reason to rejoice. This is because it has meant that tagging projects can be completed more rapidly and at a decreased cost as compared to the traditional development means of deploying tag code to a site.

It has also put a spotlight on the need for a data layer. The data layer is something that we at 33 Sticks have discussed at length and have argued that it is a necessity, not a luxury. A TMS without a data layer has some advantages, but is at a loss when it comes to simplicity and stability and is far from optimal.


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The folks at 33 Sticks bring a plethora of benefits to the analytics table. We had the pleasure of working with Hila and Jason in an environment where demand for insights was very high but internal bandwidth was low. Jason and Hila were able to bring a depth of experience unmatched in many other analytics consultancies. Angie Bledsoe

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Jason is going to open your eyes about the website that you thought you knew. And once you get started, you’ll realize that using the tools that Jason is the master of, you can get answers to questions that you didn’t even realize you could ask. D. Archibald Smart

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33 Sticks really helped us visualize and understand our analytics, making it easier for us to make big decisions on when to ask our users to upgrade from a free to a premium account. Lexi Bellassai

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