33 Sticks. We Do Analytics Consulting Differently! 

Most consulting agencies will tempt you with the excitement of travel, complex projects with large brands, training and education opportunities, free sodas, and foosball tables. What they won’t tell you is that your experience as a consultant will be driven by complex formulas that dictate how many hours a week you have to work in order for the company to make money. They won’t tell you about the mind numbing work of filling out time sheets. And they surely won’t tell you that all those exciting things they promised can be yours, as long as you can account for 36 hours of client billable work per week.

At 33 Sticks, we think there is a much better way of doing consulting. Stop wasting your time filling out time sheets and start enjoying life.

Employee Benefits

  • Paid insurance, time off, and holidays
  • Work anytime, anywhere
  • Home office setup reimbursement
  • Ongoing training and education
  • Competitive compensation
Exciting Work

  • Work with some of the best analysts in the industry
  • Opportunity to travel, or not, it’s up to you
  • Work with well known brands
  • Innovate with emerging startups
  • Attend industry events and conferences

Current Openings

While we have successfully filled all of our current openings, we are always open to connecting with smart, talented people. If you’d like to be informed of when future positions open or if you’d just like to chat about how we work and how you may fit into what we are building, please drop us a line.

Data Architect/Technical Implementor 


As a Data Architect,  you will ensure that our clients are collecting the right data using tools like Adobe DTM and Google Tag Manager, distributing the most impactful data visualizations using applications such as Tableau, and executing the most impactful optimization campaigns using Adobe Target and Optimizely.


Optimization Specialist 


As an Optimization Specialist, you will work directly with brands to identify potential issues with site usability, unnecessary barriers in conversion funnels, and misalignments of marketing activities. Using industry leading tools like Optimizely and Adobe Target, you will design optimization campaigns, analyze results, and deliver insights to key stakeholders.

Digital Analyst


As a Data Analyst, you will drive insights and recommendations using tools like Adobe Ad Hoc Analytics, Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, and many, many more. The Digital Analyst works directly with our clients to ensure they are making informed business decisions.

Join Us!

Take back control of your career, get back to doing meaningful work again, and start getting more enjoyment out of life.

If you are interested in working at 33 Sticks or if you want to learn more about the company, our culture, or our current openings, please drop us a line.