How We Got Our Name

33 Sticks
Our growing business is officially 30 days old and one of the questions we have been asked the most is ‘what’s up with the name?
When Hila and I first started working together back in 2007, our offices were separated by 650 miles of desert. As a fun way to communicate between our offices, we started sending popsicle sticks back and forth between the offices. The sticks would have random messages written on them like:


  • “soup with jalapeños”
  • “the rose that grew from concrete”
  • “grilled lamb with lemon and onions”
  • “refraining from name-dropping at all cost”

We stored our sticks in jars on our desks and when we needed something to brighten our day, we would reach into the jar and read one of the messages.
When we decided to form 33 Sticks, we wanted everything about the business to be uniquely ours and we wanted our name to reflect the personal way we approach business.
Sticks‘ was the perfect word to describe our business. It is personal. It has meaning. It is uniquely us. And with that one word, we were able to describe the unique and personalized approach we take with each of our clients — something a thousand business buzz words never could have accomplished.
I’ll leave it up to your creative minds to figure out the symbolic meaning of the number 33.