HBR Partners with 33 Sticks to Supercharge Adobe DTM Implementation

NOTE: This press release was originally published on PRWeb.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) approached 33 Sticks to help maximize the utility of their tag management system on HBR.org. The team at HBR had questions about user interactions and how they could best leverage data to improve site usability. They knew with an effective tagging architecture they would understand their users’ needs to a greater degree, which would ultimately foster a data-driven culture. The team uses Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager to implement both Google Analytics and Coremetrics.

The engagement began fast-paced, spanning a mere 3 days between the start of the engagement and when HBR was able to gain insights from data they could trust. This speed allowed HBR to quickly show results-driven value from the partnership.

Approach & Results

A tagging implementation begins with understanding core business needs. As a market-leading publisher, HBR’s key to success is through creating engaging content. HBR recognized that out-of-the-box measurement of article engagement wasn’t enough to indicate the success of their articles.

Working with 33 Sticks, the team constructed hypotheses to describe distinct user behavior patterns. Custom dimensions were added to create visibility into these behaviors and help HBR make better, user- centric decisions. Among the new data, they are able to understand which article topics have the highest engaged readership. Within days, HBR was wielding the power of the new data and insights.

HBR learned that users who completed an article were significantly more likely to register for an account than general users. In addition, users who read and shared an article were 2.5x more likely to register than those who just read it. HBR can utilize this insight to add registration ‘nudges’ at the time and place when users are most receptive to this message.

HBR has an option for users to create named folders for the articles of interest. Understanding categorization patterns can uncover new, user feedback driven ways to categorize articles.
HBR can now evolve their offerings with better-informed decisions as well as understanding the potential and flexibility of what a tag management solution and partnership with 33 Sticks can provide.

About 33 Sticks
33 Sticks is an analytics boutique, founded by industry veterans Hila Dahan and Jason Thompson, that provides strategic analytics services with a focus on data collection architecture, complex data analysis, and optimization/personalization strategy to Fortune 500 companies, unique startups, data-driven investors, and marketing agencies. 33 Sticks is headquartered in American Fork, Utah with offices in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. For more information see http://www.33sticks.com.

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