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Every great analytics practice has one thing in common — they are all built on a solid foundation.

Our Data Architecture & Design services are focused on providing our clients with the most robust and reliable analytics foundation available in the industry.

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Data Exposure

We will ensure that your current methodologies used to expose data for use in analysis, reporting, and marketing meet W3C recommendations and 33 Sticks best practices. From data layer design and implementation to tag management architecture and deployment.

Data Distribution

We will optimize your current methodologies used to distribute data internally and to partners (either 3rd party TMS or internal tool) to ensure the setup is following best practices, provides effective usage, and is set for long-term scalability.


Guidance on internal governance to achieve organization buy-in and adoption helping ensure that the right people, get the right data intelligence, at the right time.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“33 Sticks really helped us visualize and understand our analytics, making it easier for us to make big decisions on when to ask our users to upgrade from a free to a premium account.” Lexi Bellassai

VP of Marketing, FIT Radio

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do data layer design?

33 Sticks has designed and deployed industry best data layers for many of the world’s largest brands. Our data layer foundation is designed to be plug-and-play with leading tag management vendors like Adobe DTM, Ensighten, and Tealium.

What clients have you worked with?

We work with many different types of clients from large media agencies to global retailers to emerging startups. Our background and experience gives us the opportunity to provide our high-value services across industries.

We have recently worked with agencies such as Creature, Ensighten, and KISSmetrics. Brands of all sizes seek out our expertise like Cost Plus, Hallmark, Whalerock Media, Target, Shell, Dixons Carphone, Harvard Business Review, Sunpower Corporation, and YP. Startups like Crowdfunder, Key Location, and FIT Radio, routinely come to us looking to gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

What problems can you solve for me?
  • We can build a world-class data layer for your organization from the ground up.
  • We can ensure that your existing data layer adheres to industry best practices.
  • We can architect and build robust tag management implementations for your organization.
  • We can locate, fix, and improve issues with your current implementation.
What will this cost me?

Unlike most consulting agencies, we NEVER bill by the hour. We strongly believe that the billable hour consulting model is archaic and unfair to our client’s best interests.

All of our engagements are either billed using Project Based or Retainer Based pricing. You will always know the cost of our services upfront, there will never be any surprise monthly invoices.

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How to Sell Your Boss On a New Data Layer

If a tag management solution is the framing of your dream house, the data layer is the foundation upon which your dream house will be built. However very few people get excited about laying a foundation, especially the people writing the checks, so how do you sell your boss on making the investment needed to deploy a solid data layer foundation?

A well designed data layer has a long list of business benefits but we think these four will help sell your boss:

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Thinking Strategically About Adobe DTM

Tag Management, although it’s been around for years, has traditionally been the awkward kid at the children’s table, but this year they became honored guests, along with the rest of the marketing solutions, at the grown-up’s table.

With the increased attention on tag management solutions (TMS), especially a solution like Adobe DTM that is available for free, there is an inherent trap that “it’s easy, so what’s the harm of just slapping it on our site and taking off?” many agencies and companies alike are getting snared in.

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