Adobe EMEA Summit 2016 – Day 1

Adobe’s EMEA Summit 2016 is being held on May 11 & 12 in London and this year 33 Sticks will be present. Both Guy Dahan, our Director of Client Success, and I are attending. As we’ve begun working with more UK based clients we felt it was important to have a presence.


Designing Solutions – Be in a Strong Position by Optimizing Your Starting Point

Those that have worked with me over the years know that I often talk in sports analogies due to my love of sports. Many times with sports you hear folks say that it doesn’t matter how you got there as long as you have a successful finish. The thing is, if you want to have successful finishes more often than not, you need to make sure you and your team are starting in the strongest position possible. In my years designing digital analytics and marketing technology solutions, I’ve come across two schools of thought around starting engagements, either starting fresh with each new client or using the same prescribed templates each time.


Measuring Form Success Using Adobe DTM

For all sites, not just non-ecommerce focused sites, having an understanding of how your site visitors are utilizing your web forms, which have become for many sites the primary method of communication, is ultra critical.


Market Basket Analysis With Adobe Analytics And RSiteCatalyst

Any merchandiser can tell you their top-selling product. If you ask what the top product combination is sold on their website, they might actually know (there’s a lot of sharp people out there!), but you’re also likely hear a guess like “multiple variations of top-selling product.” Obvious, but not very insightful.


Avoid the Marketing Pixel Wasteland

With the rapid adoption of Tag Management Solutions (TMS), the ability to deploy marketing conversion pixels has never been easier. However, with that ease comes the potential danger of pushing marketing pixels to your site without regard to process or governance.

This undisciplined approach to pixel management often leads to sites becoming bloated with pixels, many of which are for campaigns that ended months, if not years, ago. A marketing pixel wasteland, if you will.

Learn how investing in some light-weight process to manage your marketing pixels will save you time and money.