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We aren’t traditional web analysts, we are business advisors that just happen to be really good with data. When our clients engage with us to provide insights, a siloed view of their web analytics data is the last thing on their mind, they are looking to solve real business problems that require intelligent analysis across channels and platforms.

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KPI Workshop

Our KPI Workshops are designed to help your organization identify, design, and track the indicators that are critical to your business success.

Data Visualization

We will improve how your organization uses data by designing elegant data visualizations focused on make your data easier to understand and consume.

Deep Dive Analysis

Whether you need to figure out the right pricing strategy or you want to understand why customers aren’t buying your products, our deep dive analysis services are focused on providing you a true understanding of your business.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“The folks at 33 Sticks bring a plethora of benefits to the analytics table. We had the pleasure of working with Hila and Jason in an environment where demand for insights was very high but internal bandwidth was low. Jason and Hila were able to bring a depth of experience unmatched in many other analytics consultancies.” Angie Bledsoe

Digital Analytics Manager, Hallmark

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses have you worked with?

We work with many different types of clients from large media agencies to global retailers to emerging startups. Our background and experience gives us the opportunity to provide our high-value services across industries.

We have recently worked with agencies such as Creature, Ensighten, and KISSmetrics. Brands of all sizes seek out our expertise like Cost Plus, Hallmark, Whalerock Media, Target, Shell, Dixons Carphone, Harvard Business Review, Sunpower Corporation, and YP. Startups like Crowdfunder, Key Location, and FIT Radio, routinely come to us looking to gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

What is your analytics methodology?

Engage & Learn
Learning everything we can about our clients, their challenges, and their desire intelligently use data, is a hallmark of our company. We start all of our engagements with an in-depth investigation which often includes interviews with key stakeholders, immersing ourselves in our Client’s data, and putting ourselves in shoes of our Client’s customers.

Set Goals
While most agencies are interested in quickly checking items off of a task list so they can get out and move on to their next project, our desire is to create meaningful, and long-term, relationships by setting measurable goals for all of our projects. We will work closely with your organization to set clear goals that we will then use to measure the success of our engagements.

Insights & Recommendations
Most business strategists are good at talking the talk but we are also good at walking the walk. Not only do many top brands and emerging startups look to use to provide data-driven business strategy, they also look to use to execute. During this phase of our projects, we provide meaningful, data based, insights, recommendations, and execution for increasing key performance metrics and profits.

What will this cost me?

Unlike most consulting agencies, we NEVER bill by the hour. We strongly believe that the billable hour consulting model is archaic and unfair to our client’s best interests.

All of our engagements are either billed using Project Based or Retainer Based pricing. You will always know the cost of our services upfront, there will never be any surprise monthly invoices.

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Python for Business: Identifying Duplicate Data

Data Preparation is one of those critical tasks that most digital analysts take for granted as many of the analytics platforms we use take care of this task for us or at least we like to believe they do so. With that said, Data Preparation should be a task that every good analyst completes as part of any data investigation.

Wes McKinney, author of Python for Data Analysis, defines Data Preparation as “cleaning, munging, combining, normalizing, reshaping, slicing, dicing, and transforming data for analysis.”

In this post, I am going to walk you through a real world example, focusing on Data Preparation, of how Python can be a very powerful tool for business focused data analysis.

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Analysis Framework: A Practical Approach to Solving Business Problems

We are analysts, we solve problems. While we never face the exact same problem twice, the problem solving process we go through is repeatable. This repeatable framework helps ensure that we are consistently delivering quality insights that are used to solve actual business problems.

This practical approach to solving business problems helps structure what can, at times, be a very daunting task.

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