Adobe Interviews 33 Sticks About DTM and the User Experience

What was the first type DTM implementation you worked on? Any myth-busting moments?

The first DTM implementation was part of a full-scale reimplementation of Adobe Analytics and Target for a large, multinational, solar power company.

During the reimplementation, we discovered the popular myth that deploying a TMS allows organizations to cut IT out of the picture is not the most effective way to manage tag deployment. While many organizations may choose that path, the ones that are the most successful (and who glean the most value from their TMS) are the ones who use the system as a tool to empower IT groups to become stronger analytics technology partners with the marketing groups. Instead of pushing IT out, a TMS gives organizations the ability to better speak their language, increase operational efficiencies, and increase data integrity in partnership – not without – the IT group.

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