33 Sticks partners with Cojoin Inc. to offer a unique product-service hybrid


American Fork, UT – October 15, 2013 33 Sticks has partnered with Cojoin Inc., as an advisor, to offer a unique product and service hybrid.

Cojoin is a marketing analytics and reporting platform that makes use of data, joined across sources, to help companies better understand the entire marketing funnel. Through our partnership with Cojoin, we will help businesses to monetize their data, by adding the capability to interpret the insights and truly study the impact of their marketing efforts over time, within a centralized cloud-based platform.

As an advisor to Cojoin, 33 Sticks’ participation will be in two parts:

Cojoin’s private beta customers will benefit from the addition of value-driven consultative services from 33 Sticks. Through the development of customized analytics and visualization, Cojoin’s Analytics platform will support decision-makers through its ability to scale and collect data of any size, and 33 Sticks will work with select companies within the beta group to fit the product to their existing data sophistication.

In addition to providing consulting services, 33 Sticks will serve as a strategic product advisor, working closely with the Cojoin team as they continue to build a robust solution. As advisors, our goal will be to guide the development of the Cojoin Analytics platform in a way that will empower marketers and analysts to be able to spend less time collecting data and more time applying their domain expertise, and generating insights on how their marketing campaigns truly impact the bottom line.
“Marketing intelligence and analytics is important in every industry – but it’s particularly important in highly-competitive markets, like finance, travel, and retail – Cojoin helps marketers gain a competitive edge by performing deep-funnel analysis to calculate ROI with a level of detail that makes optimization a cinch.” Said Matt Weghorst, CEO of Cojoin. “Our partnership with 33 Sticks will allow us to compliment our product with a world-class analytics consulting team and move forward with incredibly valuable product feedback.”

At 33 Sticks, we believe that the strength of Cojoin’s platform is that it is a product that was built particularly with the marketer in mind. It fills a very specific need to aggregate, transform, and visualize marketing initiatives, and can easily compliment the rich set of analytical tools we already make use of (like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.)

  • Revenue and ROI: Calculate cross-channel marketing revenue, leverage purchase data to easily stitch transactions across the marketing funnel, and attribute conversions to marketing campaigns

  • Information visualization: Visually combine results from across data sources to discover and segment customer experiences all in one place

  • Social media metrics: Synthesize social insights together with existing customer data and demographic data, to reveal the results of marketing efforts across social platforms

  • Compare and annotate with other datasets: Archive and readily compare billions of rows of data to track, look-up, measure and visualize performance

“As a practitioner in the Analytics space for many years, I am particularly excited that Matt and Thomas, the co-founders of Cojoin, are building a product with the very specific vision of helping the marketer. There are many robust analytics tool out there for analysts, but most marketers are still orphaned from having access to those tools, and the Cojoin platform is being built to bridge that gap, and free those marketers from having to manually stitch data together from different sources and create custom visualization of their campaign outcomes.” Said Hila Dahan, Founding Partner at 33 Sticks. “I am very excited to help in the creation of a product that takes the sophistication currently used by analysts and delivers it to the marketer.”

If you are interested to learn more about Cojoin and how the platform can increase the value you are realizing from your existing analytics data, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
About 33 Sticks
33 Sticks is an analytics boutique, founded by industry veterans Hila Dahan and Jason Thompson, that provides strategic analytics services with a focus on data collection architecture, complex data analysis, and optimization/personalization strategy to Fortune 500 companies, unique startups, data-driven investors, and marketing agencies. 33 Sticks is headquartered in American Fork, Utah with offices in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. For more information see www.33sticks.com.

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