Transforming Business Through Data Visualization

Levearaging the Adobe Analytics Reporting API, a 33 Sticks-Dixons Carphone Casestudy
Accessing quick, accurate data during the peak retail season can mean a difference of millions in revenue. Not knowing whether you are performing better than last year will limit your ability to make the quick decisions needed during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or even for last minute shoppers on December 23rd. The newly formed Dixons Carphone was heading into their first peak trading period as a single entity and the pressure to be live, not queueing, and generating sales was the highest it has ever been. Coming off a successful, yet frustrating 2014 peak season where almost all e-commerce retailers’ sites went down or queued web traffic on Black Friday, the demand for near real-time data was high across the Dixons organization.

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Lipman Hearne
FIT Radio
Jackson EMC
Western Growers
The folks at 33 Sticks bring a plethora of benefits to the analytics table. We had the pleasure of working with Hila and Jason in an environment where demand for insights was very high but internal bandwidth was low. Jason and Hila were able to bring a depth of experience unmatched in many other analytics consultancies. Angie Bledsoe

Digital Analytics Manager, Hallmark

At Dixons Carphone, we relied on 33 Sticks immersive approach to analytics problems. This thoroughly identified what data was needed, how to use the API from a development perspective, and the actual API calls to use when calling the data. Having this dashboard gave senior leaders confidence to make decisions based on data not rhetoric. Eric Bernhard

Insights Manager, Dixons Carphone

33 Sticks really helped us visualize and understand our analytics, making it easier for us to make big decisions on when to ask our users to upgrade from a free to a premium account. Lexi Bellassai

VP of Marketing, FIT Radio