33 Sticks Daily – September 28, 2015

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Get Schooled On Training for Your Analytics Career

If you are looking to join the wave as an analyst but need to acquire analytics and science skills, God help you! Not because you can’t do it, but because the Internet abounds with offers of analytics and data science training. And the options are growing. My Google alert for “analytics training” finds a new course offering in analytics almost every day!


Infographic: Will Get Fans Off the Couch and Into the Stadium?

One area tailor-made for analytics is the sports industry. In a world where phrases like “America’s pastime” are thrown around and “the will to win” is revered as an intangible you can’t put a number on, stats lovers with PhDs in analytics are becoming more and more essential to sports franchises. Since the sabermetric revolution, sports franchises have begun investing time and money in using sports analytics from wearable technology to help their athletes train and even make more money from their stadiums.


Understanding the relationship between analytics and the data cloud

Businesses are turning to BI (business intelligence) and analytics in a bid to understand their customers better. The pressure is on marketers too, with CMOs today expected to contribute more be it in terms of generating more sales leads or being asked to justify the effectiveness of ad spending.


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