33 Sticks Daily – October 5, 2015

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The One Person The CMO Can’t Live Without

According to IBM, over the next 3-5 years most CMOs plan to focus on the integration of cross-channel touch-points. While 83% will focus on analytics to capture customer insights to help fuel their campaigns, very few of them know exactly how to prepare to meet the data deluge.

Amazon Web Services to add analytics tool to its arsenal

The WSJ report also reveals that the new services is code named Space Needle and it is expected to include a faster method for transferring or copying data to AWS. In cases of massively large amounts of data, Amazon would supply a storage device that customers can send back filled with data — all this at a monthly subscription fee. With this venture, Amazon is entering into a domain that favoured by software giants and start-ups alike and if it finds the sweet spot, it can make a mark in the analytics market — that is yet to hit maturity.


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