33 Sticks and Optimizely Take Relationship to the Next Level

By Jason Thompson, co-founder, 33 Sticks
Today, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Optimizely. Since the launch of 33 Sticks, we have been utilizing the Optimizely platform to drive high-value personalization and optimization campaigns for many of our clients and we felt that now was a perfect time to take our relationship with Optimizely to the next level. So it is with great excitement, that we are able to announce that 33 Sticks has joined an exclusive list of world-class service providers as an official Optimizely Solutions Partner.
As with most things at 33 Sticks, our partnership program was designed to be different from what we’ve experienced at other agencies. It has become a growing fad in the consulting industry to create what we refer to as “paper partnerships”, those partnerships that are created with a legal agreement and an exchange of logos but that is where the partnerships start and end. We view our partnerships as valuable relationships that will only work if both sides are willing to invest time in growing the relationship. And while we may not have a partnership wall covered with dozens of logos, the partnerships that we do have are very deep and meaningful.
It is because of this desire to have true and meaningful partnerships, that we chose to enter into this new partnership with Optimizely. As we have followed Optimizely over the years, we have watched a company grow and mature to become a true leader in the optimization space. Not only have they built an amazing testing platform but they have also truly invested in relationships — with their clients, with their partners, and with the broader analytics community as a whole. It had become clear to us that Optimizley, sharing many of our values, was the type of company we wanted to be in a serious relationship with.
We have already started working together on a few new initiatives and we are very much looking forward to being part of Optimizely’s continued growth and success for many years to come.