Avoid the Marketing Pixel Wasteland

With the rapid adoption of Tag Management Solutions (TMS), the ability to deploy marketing conversion pixels has never been easier. However, with that ease comes the potential danger of pushing marketing pixels to your site without regard to process or governance.

This undisciplined approach to pixel management often leads to sites becoming bloated with pixels, many of which are for campaigns that ended months, if not years, ago. A marketing pixel wasteland, if you will.

Learn how investing in some light-weight process to manage your marketing pixels will save you time and money.


Python for Business: Identifying Duplicate Data

Data Preparation is one of those critical tasks that most digital analysts take for granted as many of the analytics platforms we use take care of this task for us or at least we like to believe they do so. With that said, Data Preparation should be a task that every good analyst completes as part of any data investigation.


Programmatic Data Analysis a Critical Skill for Digital Analysts

Ever since Randy Zwitch first introduced RSiteCatalyst, an Adobe Analytics R package, to the world, the Digital Analytics industry has had a fascination with programmatic data analysis. For a time, it was the hot topic to be caught discussing at conferences, the thought-leaders were blogging about it, and experts opined about it on their favorite podcasts.