AskAdobe Help

AskAdobe Slack Commands

Utility Commands

Get Help in Slack

To get a list of help topics in Slack type /AskAdobe help

Get the Current Report Suite

Each user can define their own report suite to query against, your administrator has set a default report suite for but you can change the report suite you use at any time. To see the current report suite being used /AskAdobe get current report suite

Change the Current Report Suite

To change to a new report suite, remember this is unique to your user other members of your team can set their own desired report suite, type /AskAdobe change report suite to {REPORT SUITE ID}

List all Report Suites

To see a list of all report suites that are available to you, type /AskAdobe list report suites

Query Commands

Simple Query by Variable Id or Name

You can execute a simply query by using a metric friendly name or id and a preset-date or a custom date, type /AskAdobe event1 last month

Query Using a Dimension

You can run a query showing the top five dimensions for any metrics by typing a metric, a dimension, and a preset-date or custom date, type /AskAdobe visits by internal campaign yesterday

Query by Custom Date

You can execute any query using a custom date, rather than a preset date range, by using a specific date 2017-01-01 or a range 2017-01-01 to 2017-01-31, type /AskAdobe visits for 2017-01-01 to 2017-01-31

Variable Lookup Commands

Lookup a Variable by Id

You can lookup a variable definition by using the variable id, type /AskAdobe get event by id event1

Lookup a Variable by Name

You can lookup a variable definition by using the variable name, type /AskAdobe get prop by name site section

Lookup by Variable Property

You can find all variables that match a defined property. type /AskAdobe get all events where name contains revenue -OR- /AskAdobe get all evars where expiration_type equals week