Quick Access

Access to data is more important than ever. With AskAdobe, provide your team with easy access to key data directly within Slack.

Beautiful Visuals

Numbers only tell part of the story, AskAdobe provides stunning visuals to compliment important data about the performance of your digital property.

User Management

AskAdobe provides a robust user management feature that allows you to decide what Slack team members get access. You are in control.

Democratized Data

Create conversations about your data, in real-time, in a platform where your team is talking shop already. AskAdobe and Slack are a perfect match.

How to Get Started

More great features being added.

User Management

Streamline common tasks like adding users to reporting groups and creating new users. With AskAdobe, you never have to leave Slack to get quickly complete everyday tasks.

Variable Lookup

Whether working on an analysis or instrumenting an implementation, figuring out how eVar4 is defined can be a hustle but with AskAdobe you can get the answer quickly without have to log into another application.

Anomaly Monitoring

When key events dip or spike, you should know quickly. With AskAdobe's Anomaly Monitoring feature, anomalies are posted directly into your Slack Channel so that you can quickly taken action.

Reporting Summary

Why go try to track down an email in your bloated inbox to see a summary of how your site is performing? With AskAdobe you can get a daily and weekly summary directly in Slack. No need for yet another email.

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AskAdobe is a 33 Sticks, LLC. product. It was not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc. or Adobe Systems Incorporated

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AskAdobe is a 33 Sticks, LLC product. It is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc. or Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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